Being a boss has its ups and downs Your personal life can affect your mood, your employees may have an impact on how you feel some days or you could simply be feeling a little bit under the weather, as all humans do. But even with that said, leading by example is a must when you’re the one leading.

Inspires others

As a boss, keeping your employees feeling inspired and motivated is part of your responsibility. If you maintain high spirits and a positive attitude for yourself, it’s bound to rub off on those around you. You want to be the person your employees look at and think ‘If my boss can maintain such positivity with everything going on, so can I”. There are many ways to keep your employees upbeat and giving their best, but the first step should always start with you setting an example through your actions.

Builds trust

You don’t want to be the “do as I say, not as I do” kind of boss. No one wants that. The trust between you and your employees is important, and although you may be the boss, you don’t want them feeling like the business’s rules apply to them but not you. This can cause a level of resentment, loss of trust and can also come off as though you’re abusing your authority. So lead by example to earn the trust of your employees.

Brings about productivity

If your employees are happy and motivated due to your leadership skills, it’ll show in the quality of work that they produce. So if you’re working hard and that’s the kind of morale you’re pushing in your business, then the standard of work will improve and that’s a win for everyone.

Earns you respect

Respect should be given and reciprocated whether you’re the boss or not, but if you’re a boss who leads by example, you’re bound to get the it without having to ask for it. There’s a lot to admire and respect about someone who doesn’t only talk the talk, but also walks the walk. Managing a group of people and having to tell them what to do isn’t always easy, but if you lead by example, you’ll make people want to look up to you.

If you’re a great leader, chances are that you’re going to have happy employees, high productivity and much higher standards. If you can think of other benefits of being a boss who leads by example, visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share your thoughts with us.

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