Miss SA 2018, Tamaryn Green, is one of the most inspiring people we know. She's serious about education and a huge advocate for women and girls. This is what she had to say about CellCgirl.

Who is Tamaryn Green?

Tamaryn’s an aspiring doctor born and raised in Paarl, in the Western Cape. At the young age of only 23, she has so many accomplishments under her belt, one of which is being a sixth year medical student at the University of Cape Town. Tamaryn says that she’s always wanted to be a doctor and it’ll be quite exciting to see her dream finally become a reality after her reign as Miss South Africa.

What does it mean to be a CellCgirl?

Tamaryn’s proud to be a part of this initiative and she says that to her, a CellCgirl is informed about the world around her. She’s educated and goes for all her dreams and goals. We quite agree with her, in fact, these are the exact words we’d use to describe Tamaryn!

What does this initiative mean to you?

Our Miss South Africa speaks very highly of this project: “CellCgirl is a great platform to help young women who want to be empowered. I want to help my sisters achieve success and this is one way of doing so.” As a CellCgirl ambassador, Tamaryn hopes to motivate and inspire young girls by sharing her own story while discussing important topics such as the impact of having a good education on a girl’s life as well as prioritising other decisions that will benefit her. “In my position,” she says, “I have many young girls looking towards me for guidance and inspiration and, as Miss SA, I have a voice that can impact many.” Tamaryn also tells us how important it is for her to be hands-on when it comes to this project. She wants to avail herself to young girls, where possible, and take part in interactive sessions on the portal.

What’s the one thing you hope the platform achieves?

“I hope the platform empowers young women to make healthy decisions for their futures,” Tamaryn enthuses. She talks about how adolescence was such a confusing phase for her and having to make tough choices while going through numerous changes can be very challenging. She also goes on to talk about how women need spaces like CellCgirl that encourage their growth, but also allow them to uplift others around them, “I hope we can achieve a sisterhood of strong, driven and independent women.”

What’s your advice for young women?

Tamaryn has this to say to young women: “Do not compare yourself to the next girl. Do not succumb to the social pressures of what success looks like. Find your strength, find what makes you, you and use that to make a success of yourself. Nothing great comes without hard work and dedication.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

What would you say to 15 year old Tamaryn?

“Stop wasting time trying to fit in, instead use that energy to work on bettering yourself.” Sound advice, Tam!

There you have it, our Sunday afternoon chat with big sister, Tamaryn Green, who is not just the perfect example of beauty, brains and ambition; but a real role model, too.

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