She won our hearts as the second runner up in the 2017 Miss South Africa competition, and now she’s winning our respect and admiration with all her achievements and optimistic attitude. Here’s our Sunday chit chat with Boipelo Mabe.

Who is Boipelo Mabe?

Boipelo is the self-proclaimed #DaughterOfAtaxiDriver from Alex. Broadcasting, modelling and motivational speaking are among her many talents and passions. At the moment she’s working on attaining her Masters Degree in International Relations from Wits University after completing her Honours in Developmental Studies.

How important is education to you?

Boipelo’s vision for South Africa and her home town is that every young person will have access to education and the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. “Education and women empowerment are at the core of my personal brand values,” she explains.

She launched the hashtag #BInspired as an umbrella for a series of initiatives she is involved in, most of which focus on education and positively impacting young people. See why we love her?

What does the CellCgirl initiative mean to you?

“This is such a powerful initiative,” Boipelo says. She speaks about the link between illiteracy and poverty and how being educated allowed her to overcome poverty in her personal space.

Being a CellCgirl ambassador will give her the platform to touch more lives and be a positive role model to a larger number of young girls who are currently in the circumstances she was once in. For her, the decision to become a part of this project was not a difficult one, since she’s so invested in inspiring the youth to pursue knowledge and education.

What’s the one thing you hope CellCgirl achieves?

Boipelo expresses how she hopes that the CellCgirl initiative will be the first point of contact for girls in need of anything the platform offers. She’d like them to make use of the resources provided for them, “I hope young girls will take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them here.”

Boipelo also talks about the importance of being proactive in making choices regarding your life as a young person and that she’s glad that help is offered to girls through CellCgirl.

How do you hope to make a difference through CellCgirl?

“I bring my personal experiences and learnings that are unique to me in the most authentic way I can,” Mabe responds. Understanding that every person’s journey is different is important, but there are often some similarities and things to be learnt from hearing someone else’s story.

She wants young girls to learn from the mistakes she’s made and hopefully avoid them. “We can all learn from each other,” she continues, “there’s so much we can all draw from one another's life experiences and that should not be taken for granted.”

Any advice for the young women reading this?

Boipelo’s piece of encouragement is this: “Never think that you don't have a choice especially when faced with difficult situations. In life you always have a choice, and you are today a result of the choices you've made. So choose wisely.” We totally agree!

Since the pageant, Boipelo’s explored the world of modelling, earning herself a gig as the brand ambassador of a renowned clothing line. She’s also just recently launched her own skincare range — My Skincare Coterie. We’re beyond inspired by this woman’s drive and passion for people. Boipelo Mabe is, without a doubt, a #CellCgirl.

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