Rapper and poet, Sho Madjozi, hit the local and global music stage like a colourful hurricane. We’re inspired by everything she does, from her style to her mission as an artist. Here’s how she does what she does.

Fun fact

Before she became the Gqom star we know and love, Sho Madjozi was a writer who studied creative writing and wrote plays, short stories and poetry. She even did ghost writing for other musicians. We know- it’s hard to imagine her anywhere other than on centre stage. But it just goes to show that you can always start somewhere, and as long as you’re following your passion, you’ll end up where you need to be.

How she glows

You might have seen Sho’s recent collab with Nivea, to promote the Perfect and Radiant skincare range. Because she’s always on the go and travels around the world for performances, multi-purpose products such as the 3-in-1 cleanser are an easy way to look fresh. But perhaps the thing that makes her glow the most, is her beautiful smile and the confidence that she radiates. Happiness really does look good on everyone- from Sho Madjozi to you as well!

Steal her style

It’s no secret that Sho Madjozi reps her Tsonga culture with pride, and her fashion is one of the most powerful ways she does this. She often rocks colourful xibelani skirts- these are traditional Tsonga garments. She also created a documentary called "The History of Xibelani”, where she explores the history of colours, shapes and fabrics of xibelani skirts.

In addition to her clothing, Sho expresses herself through her hairstyles as well. We also love how she inspires her fans with school-friendly hairstyles. While you might not be able to rock her iconic, colourful look if you’re still in school, you can try out this style instead.

Why she’s a Flame

I want to say: you don't need to change who you are.” Sometimes, we might feel like we need to change or hide who we really are in order to succeed. We could hide our culture, background or our eccentric personality in order not to be “too much” for people. If you ever feel like this, just look at Sho Madjozi- she’s confident and comfortable in her skin because she embraces her identity. She uses her art to educate people on her culture, and she explores important social themes in her projects. That’s an awesome mission in life, and we love to see it!

Sho Madjozi is all about music with a mission, and her success is well-deserved. Summer is the perfect time to express yourself in colourful, Sho-inspired styles. But rocking your confidence the way she rocks hers is something you can do any time!

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