Summer is the perfect time to hit up a concert or festival with your friends- but if you’ve got plans to do this, you may want to know how to stay safe when you’re there. Here's a guide to staying safe while enjoying your favourite jams at a festival.

Plan out your transport

Planning who you’ll be travelling with to and from the event is very important. Also, remember to never get into a car with a driver who’s drunk or under the influence of drugs. Rather contact a trustworthy friend or family member, or a reputable cab service to get you home safely.

Stay in touch

We get it- staying in touch with parents is the last thing you want to think about when partying it up. However, it’s important to make sure you stay connected with them in the event of something bad happening. Make sure your phone is charged by packing a power bank or car charger, especially if you’ll be gone for more than a day.

Stay hydrated and pack plenty to eat

Drinking plenty of water is a must at events. All of the dancing and running around can leave you dehydrated, and the last thing you want is to pass out! If you’re going away for more than a day and you’re camping out at the festival, remember to pack plenty of snacks that can survive outside of a fridge and in the summer heat, but still fill you up (such as nuts, fruit bars, biscuits and crackers).

Avoid alcohol and drugs

We know you’ve heard it before, but it needs to be said because getting involved with alcohol and drugs is popular at many concerts and festivals. There are many risks involved with this side of partying- getting drunk or high can put you in serious danger and completely ruin your experience. For more advice on how to stay safe in this environment, check out Tune In Not Out. Also, be sure to never leave your drink unattended- spiked drinks are a reality.

Beware of sticky fingers

There’s nothing worse than enjoying the show, when all of a sudden you reach into your pocket and realise your phone or wallet have disappeared. Busy, crowded events are a hot spot for pickpockets and thieves, since it’s easy to distract someone and run off with their possessions without anyone noticing. The best way to ensure your belongings are safe is to not have them visible- try keeping them in an inside jacket pocket, or lock them up in your tent or car.

Stay with friends

When adventuring around a festival campsite or different stages at a concert, it’s important to stay with your crew and not wander off by yourself. This can be tricky sometimes, especially at crowded events. If you know you’ll be at a busy gig, try getting your mates to use balloons, a flag or some other identifiable item so you can easily find one another in the crowd- plus, it adds to the festive vibes!

Festivals and concerts can be so much fun, and the best way to really let go and enjoy your time there is to do a bit of planning beforehand, and follow these simple tips on staying safe. Now that you know how to prepare yourself, go out there and have fun!

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