We’re all about sharing inspirational stories, but our fave celebs aren’t the only ones who are achieving greatness in 2021. We recently asked you to share the wins you’re proud of, so we can celebrate together. Here’s what the #CellCgirlSquad has been succeeding at!

Learning and growing

Being a student is far from easy, especially in a pandemic. But despite all of the challenges, the CellCgirls have been excelling in their studies and achieving academic success! Here’s how some of the matrics did:

I completed my matric with a distinction and my YouTube channel is doing well.” - @kgalomphuthi “I* achieved a bachelor’s pass with a distinction.*” - @n.p_mazondi_031 “I passed my matric with 5 distinctions and am officially a Wits student.” - @k.hanyyiiii

We’re also super proud of @lucious_liarha and @kay.nolo- they’re starting at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, while @un.orthodox18 has just graduated from the Academy!

Our tertiary students are also doing great. @katl.ego graduated in record time last year- an awesome achievement! 3rd year med student, @lesego_writes, reminds us to keep going when studies get tough- she was accepted into med school 3 years ago, just when she was so close to giving up.

Career moves

Building a successful career takes time, which is why the #CellCgirlSquad are making moves and going for their dreams today! @cooking_diva1 is attending her favourite culinary school and working with one of the chefs she looks up to most in the industry.

Even if you haven’t been able to complete your studies, you can still succeed in the workplace. Take @palesa.mokgesi’s story- after being unable to graduate due to finances, she was still able to find a job in a good company.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. @amogelang_dorah landed her dream job in another country, while young writer @bosizzles recently published her book at 19 years old!

Getting your driver’s licence can also open up so many career opportunities. Even if you’ve failed your test before, keep trying and you’ll eventually get it- that’s what @sethabile_mbatha did!

Winning at life

Sometimes, the most important achievements can’t be measured by a test score or new work position. Taking care of your mental health and doing what’s best for you is always something to be proud of. Even when things get difficult, @fundisa_m’s motto is not to give up on life and keep moving forward. @itumeleng_om is celebrating how much she’s grown from who she used to be, and focusing on what’s best for her.

Perseverance is important but sometimes, you have to walk away from what no longer serves you. After realising that her study choice wasn’t the right path for her, @kea_nchups quit her Honours qualification for a CA. This isn’t quitting- it’s changing your path based on a new understanding of yourself and that’s something to celebrate!

The #CellCgirlSquad has been winning, and we love to see it. Their achievements go to show that if you keep moving forward and go for gold, the sky is the limit! Stay inspired and share your stories with us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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