Study tips from adults are great and all, but sometimes they can be a bit outdated. After all, your aunt was in school a looong time ago (don't tell her we said that). So, we decided that there's no one better to ask for high school tips, than girls who are in high school themselves! We had a chat with 6 awesome ladies in Matric, and asked them to give us their “top tip” for studying before an exam- here’s their valuable advice.

Sibongile Mabena

said that you should start studying as early as possible. Don’t wait until exams arrive to start studying, since this will put you under a lot of pressure and you won’t be able to learn anything properly. By the time exams start, you should be revising your work- not seeing it for the first time.

Ntombifuthi Ngiba’s

top tip is to not get caught up with people who are pressuring you or giving you confusing advice- you know yourself best, so follow your intuition and stay focussed on what you need to do. She also suggests incorporating your hobbies and skills into your studies- for example, because she’s good at public speaking, she writes out her notes and memorises them as if she’s practicing a speech.

Busisiwe Khumalo

said that she studies best by having a study timetable and sticking to it- this ensures that she’s got a schedule to follow every day. She also reminded us that it’s important to rest and get enough sleep- after all, if you follow your timetable and study a bit every day, you won’t need to pull an all-nighter to cram all of your work.

Keamogetswe Molefe

told us that seeing your study notes throughout the day will help you memorise them- what a genius idea! She recommended having a study chart in your room with your most important information written on, which you can read when you’re getting ready for school or before you go to bed. You can also write down what you need to memorise on cue cards, which you can carry around during the day and look at whenever you have a few minutes to yourself.

Karabo Malatji

suggested finding what study method that works for you. She told us her method was to tell herself that she won’t go to sleep without studying- in this way, she makes sure to study at least a little bit every day. Her last tip was to pick one subject to study for the week, and not to get too comfortable when studying- working at a desk is a lot better than studying on your bed where it’s easy to doze off!

Omphile Mohube’s

advice was to start by focussing on what you don’t know the most, first. What you do know, leave for later. By focussing on what you’re unsure about, you’re making an effort to learn the subject better. This tip is great, especially for subjects such as Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

All of the girls agreed that it’s important to stop procrastinating when it comes to studying, and to avoid time-wasters such as your phone. None of the girls suggested studying the day before- they’ve all tried it, and they all say it’s a BIG no-no!

There you have it- study advice from the girls who’ve been in your shoes! Give one (or more) of these tips a try, and remember to share them with your friends so that they can ace the exams as well.

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