Trying to get your mind into study mode can be a real drag, right? And then you’ve got those students who just make it seem SO easy while you’re busy busting your butt just trying to focus - like, how?!

Well, we spoke to 3 ex-high school students to try get some ideas to share with you, so grab your pen and start taking notes - class is officially in session!

Timetables suck- but they HELP! - Siphiwe Mhlungu (film producer & director)

“Planning all your time ahead isn’t always possible, but what I did was try create a really simple timetable every Sunday before school started the next day just to help me organise the things I needed to do for the week. It was really boring to do in the beginning, but I started enjoying it when I realised that I could set aside time for myself to take a break and do something fun when my work was done. You kind of get used to it when you make it a habit, you know? Doing this meant that I never forgot about homework I had, or when I had a project due.”

Get some Peace of Mind- Bakang Akoonyatse (freelance writer & journalist)

“I have an extremely busy mind- it always feels like there’s something going on in there and that gets in the way of my focus a lot of the time. So I set aside 15-30 minutes just before studying so I can meditate in a quiet, and calm space. It really helps clear my mind so I can focus on what’s in front of me.”

Get into the (right) groove- Malebo Motlali (event coordinator)

“The one thing that always helped me get into my zone when studying was music, otherwise I just feel so bored, but I think it’s also about the right kind of music. I found that I concentrate the best when I’m listening to smooth sounds, with no lyrics. Something chilled with a good beat is my favourite, like house music.”

We hope these help you when it comes to your studies. Or maybe you’ve already got your study motivation down. If you do, why not let us know in the comments what you do to stay motivated to study?

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