Starting varsity in 2021? Here’s how to prepare.

Stuyd Varsity 2021 Preparation Planning

Knowing that you’re officially starting varsity in the coming year can be super exciting! But if you’re feeling a bit nervous and you’re not sure what to expect, don’t stress. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the varsity experience.

Get to know your campus

Many varsities have huge campuses, and even the smaller ones can have quite confusing layouts. It’s good to visit the campus and have a walk around before your study year begins. You’ll need to be familiar with the different buildings, important departments such as student services, the library and so on. Be sure to print out a campus map too, and keep it by your side when you start your semester.

Speak to older students/alumni

If you’ve got any older students or alumni who’ve graduated, now is a good time to get in touch and ask them any questions you may have. If they come from the same varsity as you, they could give you good tips on how to navigate the campus, do’s and don’ts and so on. Speaking to older students will help you prepare for things you may not have even considered, so it’s worth doing.

Get the important contact details

Staying in touch with your lecturers, classmates and other important people and departments is a key to success at varsity. It’s also worth getting any campus security or other emergency numbers as well. These are usually listed on your university website, or on notice boards around campus.

Visit the online portal

If your university has an online portal and you’ve already got access to it, then give it a visit and see what you can use it for. Many online portals can link to useful resources such as your timetable, virtual library and other important pages you’ll need when you start studying.

Set some goals

If you’re heading to varsity, then you’ve probably got some goals above and beyond simply doing well. Varsity is the next stage in your life, and it’ll be challenging at times. When things get stressful, you may lose sight of your goals which is why it’s important to write them down. When doing this, don’t forget to do the SMART goals test.

Heading into varsity with a bit of preparation behind you will make your experience as a freshman that much better! Don’t forget to enjoy your holidays too- get enough rest so you can start your student life energised and refreshed. Good luck!

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