So your school days are almost over, and the thought of studying further feels scary and exciting all at once. One problem though - you’re in a great relationship and you don’t want it to end. Here’s some advice on choosing where to study when bae is in the picture.

Out of your comfort zone

School is a comfort zone in many ways- you’ve been there since you were a little child, and you’re probably used to (and sick of) it by now. The whole point of finishing school and going on to study further at a college or university is to give you a fresh start, and to throw you into unknown waters so that you can come out the other side stronger, smarter and ready for adult life.

Basing your decision of where to study on your high school relationship keeps you in your comfort zone, and chances are you’ll have less freedom to explore varsity life independently if you’re constantly hanging out with your bae on campus.

Your future first

What and where you decide to study will have an impact on what jobs you can find in future- and working life is super important once you become an adult. If you end up working in a field you hate or even worse, not being able to find a job because you made the wrong choice, it won’t be worth it at all.

No need for sacrifice

Unless you and your bae honestly want to study the exact same thing, chances are that at least one of you is going to need to sacrifice some of their plans for the sake of you studying at the same place together. This kind of sacrifice is not only unnecessary, it can also be harmful for you as well as your relationship.

If you love them, let them go

This might be a difficult one to hear, but we promise it’s the truth. If you love someone and care for them, and more importantly if you’re meant to be together, you will find your way back to one another eventually, regardless of where you study after school. Studying at the same place after school doesn’t guarantee that your relationship will be stronger or even that you’ll stay together.

You can still make it work

If you’re going to be studying far away from your bae, you don’t necessarily need to break up- long distance relationships are an option. If you and your partner are willing to make it work, then here are a few ways for the two of you to stay happy, even if you’re far apart.

The first thing to do is to develop a strong level of trust. Avoid jealousy issues during your time apart by being open, communicating well and most importantly, trusting each other. If there are issues, speak about them, preferably over the phone since texting can sometimes lead to misunderstandings.

Secondly, plan to visit each other every now and then, and still do kind things for each other such as sending sweet messages, letters or even the occasional gift.

Both you and bae have some important decisions to make that will affect the rest of your lives- so don’t get in each other’s way. Do what’s best for you and your future, and let your partner do the same for theirs.

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