You know that feeling when you get home after a long day, and it’s like everything that could go wrong really did? We’ve all been there, but fortunately for us, we’re able to click our bad mood away with some mood-boosting online platforms. Here are a few of them.


If you don’t already have TikTok on your phone, we highly recommend that you get it. With people of all ages and races, from all over the world, taking to this platform to showcase their creativity, you’re bound to go from sad to happy in no time. TikTok allows you to have laughs per second with its never ending challenges, hashtags like #funnyvideos, #babiesofTikTok and #comedy. There’s also #selfcaretiktok, where people share routines and healthy habits that you can use to treat yourself with love. The downside? You could end up highly addicted and spending way more time on it than you’d planned- so set screen time limits for yourself and balance every TikTok sesh with healthy offline time.


It’s no secret that music really has a way of uplifting one’s mood. Spotify is a digital music platform that allows you to stream music based on how you’re feeling. With a plethora (large amount) of musical genres and songs to choose from, you can ditch the funk in your mood and replace it with the funk on your playlist.

Huffington Post Good News section

Have you checked out on obsessing about the news, simply because it’s rarely ever good news? We get it. If it’s not about the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s about corruption and everything else in between. Huffington Post’s Good News section, now known as HuffPost Good News, breaks the negativity- it’ll warm your heart and restore your faith in humanity. This online news aggregator (feed) reminds us that kindness isn’t dead and that there are people doing great things out in the world- you deserve to consume some happy news for a change.


If you’re an animal lover or nature brings out the good in you, then Explore is definitely a website you should check out. With hundreds and thousands of animal videos, images and short films that expose the goodness in people and nature, you’re guaranteed to feel warm and fuzzy, snapping right out of your bad mood.

Find The Invisible Cow

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea (or glass of milk depending on what you’re into), but if you’re having one of those days that make you feel like you want to accomplish one last thing before you call it a day, then Find The Invisible Cow is worth taking a look at. This online game allows you to locate an invisible cow over a voice that keeps shouting out different animals, including “COW!” the closer you get to the cow. It requires you to pay attention and keep moving your cursor to locate the cow. Once you find it, you’ll hear a “Moo” and that’s your win for the day. Sounds fun? Try it.

Bad days are guaranteed and they’re nothing to feel bad or guilty about. But we don’t want you having too many of those, especially if we can help it. Social media might worsen your mood sometimes, so focus on using existing digital platforms you can use to feel a little bit better. And if that fails, you can always reach out to us on AskCellCgirl for a heart-to-heart when you need it most.

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