No matric dance date? No problem!

matric dance MD

Even though independent girls are getting more and more respect nowadays, there’s still so much unnecessary pressure to find a date for your matric dance. If you don't have a partner, there's no need to freak out because it's actually a blessing in disguise. Here's why:

Your night

Your matric dance is your night to dress up, shine and have an amazing time celebrating the end of your school years. So who better to celebrate that with than yourself? If you don’t have a date, channel your inner diva and own your independence. You don’t have to stress about your date arriving late, or that awkward moment when they have to meet your parents. While everyone else is busy sorting themselves and their date out, you’ll be relaxed and posing for an Insta pic - stress free!

Fun with friends

A date generally doesn’t have all that much to do with your matric dance night, especially if they’re someone from a different grade or school. Chances are, you’ll be spending most of the night with your friends anyway. Think about it- a date won’t get any of your crew’s inside jokes, and they’ll probably just sit around wondering what to do while you and your squad are having fun.

Release the pressure

Don’t have a matric dance date? Congrats- you’ll have so much less pressure to deal with on the night! You don’t have to constantly worry about how you’re looking, so you can just let loose and have fun. You also don’t have a date to babysit, so you can party freely without feeling guilty or tied down.

There you have it- all the reasons why you don’t need to stress about not having a matric dance date! So instead of trying to find a date at the last minute, or feeling down that you don’t have one - just get your non-date having friends together and have a ball. Keep your head up, stay confident and smiling and we promise you’ll have a great time on your special day. Have fun!

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