Prelims are here, meaning that in no time final exams will be upon us. For you to ace your metric final exams, you need to start preparing for them now. So, if you don’t have an action plan yet, here are some tips to help you do your best.

Start with a schedule

Before doing anything, you first need to draft a schedule. This’ll be your plan for each subject from now until the finals, so write down under each subject which sections you need to cover and when. Make sure that your schedule has study breaks in between each session so that you can absorb the information as you learn. You can include exercise time, TV time, etc., any activity that helps get your mind out of your sessions.

Do what works for you

Remember that study methods differ and one that might work for your friend, might not work for you. So, you need to find what works for you and stick with it. For example, if you prefer to study at night rather than during the day. Also bear in mind that you’ll need to boost your energy levels during this time. So avoid using energy drinks, exercise in-between sessions, drink water while studying and take short power naps when needed.

Forget about the past

This isn’t the time to think about what you didn’t do last term or the marks you’ve been getting. You need to put that all behind you and look ahead of you. This is the final push, all that matters now is what you do now. Make sure that you push yourself and don’t lose focus.

Let your loved ones know your schedule

You need all the support you can get during this time, so make sure that your friends and family know your schedule so that they won’t disturb you when you’re busy and so they can also encourage you and help you stay on track.

Practice Practice Practice

Download past papers and start practising. This way, you’ll see how much you know and what you should strongly focus on. Try to work on the papers on your own and as best as you can- this’ll test your knowledge and by doing so, you’ll learn from your mistakes.

Know that it’s not about how you started but about how you finish that matters, so in that case, try your best to finish strong. With hard work, focus and determination, you can achieve the academic results that you desire. Don’t forget to bring your a-game and kill it! Good luck.

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