So you’re going to matric in 2019 and you’re feeling really nervous about it? No worries, matric is a demanding year but it’s nothing you can’t handle with the right attitude and work ethic. Here’s everything you need to know about going into your final year of high school.

Planning is everything

Take time to do all the necessary planning at the beginning of each term. Create a study timetable and follow it religiously from day one. You’ll probably find that the first term is mainly revision of some of your Grade 11 work, so make sure you keep all your notes so you can refer to them whenever you need to. You’ll also find that if you start studying from the first day, you’ll manage to cover everything you need to know by the time you get to finals.

Read, revise, recall

Dedicate an hour every day to reading through the day’s notes and doing revision where necessary. Very few new concepts are introduced in Grade 12, so you’ll realise that you’re required to recall and make sense of a lot of the concepts you’ve touched on in lower grades. The bulk of the work is in revising the many topics you’ve covered and understanding what you need to know for your exams. It’s also a good idea to make use of past exam papers so that you’re familiar with the exam format and confident enough to sit through them.

Your wellbeing matters

It’s very important to prioritise your health and mental wellbeing. There’s a lot of pressure to do well and get the marks you need to get you where you want to be after high school, but you need to be able to funnel all of this out and focus on yourself. It’s very difficult to do well if you’re stressed out or not giving your body the nutrients it needs to concentrate and tackle each day’s tasks. So make sure you surround yourself with positive thoughts, people and behaviours so that you can perform at your optimum.

Teachers are your best friends

Your teachers and your peers are some of your most valuable resources - use them. Ask questions in class, take part in group discussions and set up private appointments to discuss work with teachers if you need to. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of concepts so that you’re able to deal with any questions that may come your way during exams.

Relax girl, you’ve got this

Despite all the pressure you may be feeling, you’ve made it this far, so you really have this under control. As long as your assignments are done to the best of your ability and you keep up with your work by doing your daily readings and revisions - you’ll do just fine. You’re allowed to take time off your studies here and there to spend time with friends and do the things you enjoy doing, the key thing is to find a comfortable balance.

We know that your final year of high school is extremely important but it doesn’t have to be a nervous nightmare. Be well prepped, take the rest you need and use all the resources available to you, and you’ll ace matric like the champion you are!

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