The office can be quite uncomfortable in the winter, especially if you don’t have a heating system. How can you make it just a little bit more comfy while staying professional? Here are a few tips.

Consider getting a portable heater

If the environment allows, then you could get a small air heater to keep at your desk so you’re not feeling too cold while you’re working. It may be a good idea to check if this is okay with your office manager.

A hot water bottle never goes out of fashion

If the heater idea isn’t viable, then you can always get yourself a hot water bottle or heat pack. You can put this on your chair to warm it while you’re on lunch or in meetings. You could also get microwaveable hot water bottles, which are safer (and less messy) to use than the traditional ones.

Keep a tea collection

Get yourself a good selection of teas to keep you hydrated and warm; and with tons of interesting flavours to choose from, you can’t go wrong. A good winter flavour would be ginger tea, since ginger is a thermogenic so it helps you stay warmer, for longer.

Keep a fleece blanket

This really depends on the kind of work environment you’ve got going. If it’s more relaxed, then you should probably consider bringing a small blanky or thick scarf that you can wrap yourself in while you work.

Get rid of clutter

If you already have a heater, but feel your office space still isn’t warm enough, then maybe you need to declutter. Clutter restricts airflow, which means you may not be able to get warm because there’s just too much going on.

It’s important to be comfortable at work, since you spend most of your life there. That’s why we suggest incorporating some of these little tips to make your environment warmer over the winter season.

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