Studying from home can sound like a lot of fun, but it does come with its own unique challenges which you might not be used to. How can you be successful as a long-distance student? Here are a few tips for you.

Set up your study space

It’s important to have a dedicated study space where you can concentrate and know that when you’re there, you can get into your zone. Avoid studying on your bed or in front of the TV, as this can trick your brain into thinking it’s time to relax and reduce your motivation. Set up a desk area somewhere in your house, where you can sit up straight and stay alert while studying.

Scout for quiet spaces

An area of peace and quiet can be hard to find sometimes, especially if you’ve got a noisy home environment. If that’s the case, then consider going to a study centre or library in your area where you can study without distractions. You can use our free Library Locator to find public libraries near you.

Set goals and guidelines for yourself

Distance learning means you’ll have to be your own teacher, and your own parent. It’s important to not only get organised, but also to set realistic deadlines and goals for yourself (and stick to them). One problem that a lot of people doing distance learning face is that they struggle with self-discipline. Setting goals for yourself and giving yourself a small reward when you complete them, is a good way of staying motivated. For example, reward yourself with a gummy bear at the end of every set of study notes you revise. Little rewards can motivate you a lot!

Recruit the fam

Although you may not have any classmates, remember that your friends and family are still there to support you. They can help you revise by quizzing you, letting you explain your study notes to them or just checking in to make sure you’re meeting your deadlines. Having someone else hold you accountable can help you avoid that “long distance slacking” syndrome, and you’ll appreciate how much fun studying with them can be!

Befriend others in the same boat

Do you know anyone else who’s doing distance learning? Even if they aren’t studying the exact same course as you, it’s helpful to have a friend who can understand your situation. You can arrange study sessions with them, and help motivate one another in person or over online chat.

Distance learning comes with a lot more freedom, but a lot more responsibility as well. Keep yourself organised and motivated this year, and you’ll ace your assignments and exams. Good luck!

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