If you’ve recently started your own business, then you may have noticed that you have less time to do the things you used to. One of the first aspects of your life to take a hit will probably be your social life. So, how can you be a youngtrepreneur and still have a healthy social life? Here’s some advice.

Switch off

When you’re hanging out with your friends, it’s important to set aside that time to “switch off”- even if it’s just for an hour or two. This will help you and your friends appreciate the time spent together more.

On the other hand, when it’s time to take care of business, make it clear that you’re unavailable for social conversations and mute any distracting apps and group chats so you can focus on your work.

Stay organised

It’s a lot easier to commit to social events when you’re sure you can afford that time off- that’s why keeping a calendar is so important. Writing down important events you’ve RSVP’d to will give you a clear idea of what your schedule looks like, and it will help you keep track of what you’re dedicating your time to. You can also use colour coding to differentiate between your work and social events, in your calendar or diary.

Be honest

Stop responding with a “Maybe” to an invite if you know the answer is actually a “No". Be honest with your friends and yourself about your availability- they’ll appreciate you being transparent when they make their plans, and you can save yourself the guilt of not showing up to an event you acted as though you were going to attend.

Trim the fat

This may sound harsh, but the truth is that a key part of growing up is losing touch with some people you were once close with- and that’s ok. If you’ve started the journey of starting your own business, you’ll likely meet new people within the industry circles you’re now working with- and you may find that your close social circle gets smaller when you no longer hang around friends you don’t have much in common with anymore.

It’s possible to maintain a healthy social life even as an entrepreneur- the key is to have good communication with your friends and good organisation skills on your side, so that you can make time for all of the important interactions in your life.

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