Running a business can get really hectic and it’s easy to find yourself feeling guilty for wanting to take a break, or thinking that your entire business will completely fall apart if you take time off. But the truth is, not taking time off could actually be doing yourself and your business a disservice. Here’s why:

Everyone needs to recharge

Even the most dedicated of entrepreneurs needs a break from reality every now and then. We know that being your own boss puts the pressure of making sure the business succeeds on you, but you can take some time off to clear your head. It doesn’t have to be a long holiday either. You can take 30 minutes off to take walks everyday, or to do anything else that you find fun and relaxing.

Burnout is a real thing

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs and other people with demanding jobs experience high levels of stress on a daily basis. And, if stress is prolonged, it can become chronic and can lead to burnout, which is a condition that causes unbearable physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. People who are experiencing burnout often feel hopeless, restless and demotivated. The only way to really prevent this from happening is to make sure you destress as often as possible and find healthy ways to deal with the demanding nature of your daily tasks.

Get inspired

Got a persistent problem that you can’t seem to find the solution to? Well, maybe it’s a good time to step away from it for a while and get some fresh perspective. A day spent in nature can leave you feeling renewed, with an exciting bank of new ideas that could actually help you solve your problem. But, don’t take our word for it - try it out!

You’ll be more productive

Let’s face it, doing nothing gets boring pretty quickly, and before you know it, you’re aching to get something done. This is precisely why taking time off helps you get back to work eager, inspired and better able to plan your tasks. On the other hand, not taking time off can actually lower your productivity since you might find yourself feeling stressed out, with too much on your to-do list and what feels like not enough hours in a day.

You can reflect

Always being busy can sometimes mean that you don’t have any time to reflect on decisions you’ve made and whether they were the best ones to make, so that you can learn from mistakes, and plan better for the future. That’s why it’s important to take time off just to do a bit of reflecting. While we aren’t able to prevent certain things from happening, taking time off to think and clear your head can help you predict and avoid certain problems before they become messes for you to clean up.

We live in a world that’s constantly moving, things are always changing, deadlines are constant, and we’re expected to keep up with all of it. Although building your career or business is one of the most important things in your life right now, you won’t be able to do it well if you don’t look after your number one asset - yourself.

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