We all have those mornings now and then when we wish we could stay in bed, and the thought of having to go to school makes us feel stressed out. But what happens when most of our mornings feel like that? Anxiety at school is unfortunately very common, and it can affect your ability to focus and enjoy what should be the best time of your life. Does this struggle sound familiar to you? If so, read on for some steps you can take deal with it.

Find out what triggers your anxiety

The first step to learning how to handle anxiety at school is to understand what’s triggering it. If your anxiety spikes at school, is there any particular reason why? Maybe you’re getting anxious because you feel as though everyone is judging you (which could be a sign of Social Anxiety), or because you’re expecting a certain person to be nasty to you. Once you know what’s making you feel anxious, it’s good to decide whether this is something you can get help for by speaking to a teacher or parent. Remember that you have a right to go to school and get an education without having to put up with bullying or abuse.

Get organised

Getting simple things in order like your homework, packing lunch and making a study timetable can make you feel less overwhelmed. If you have a lot of things you need to remember, write them down- this way, you won’t stress about forgetting them.

Be more open

Many other girls and guys your age are going through the same anxious feelings as you. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help or to talk about your feelings with a friend, family member or teacher. You don’t need to let everyone know if you don’t want to, but it helps to get things off your chest by speaking to someone you trust.

Practice your relaxation response

Your brain can naturally combat anxiety by doing something called the “relaxation response”. The best way to do that is to breathe deeply. Breathe in through your nose and hold for three seconds, wait, then breathe out through your mouth for three seconds.

Improve your sleeping schedule

This one is easier said than done, especially if your anxiety keeps you up at night or makes you feel tired all the time. However, getting to bed on time every night helps you avoid feeling as anxious in the morning.

There are also many helpful articles and videos you can find online, which can give you tips on how to handle anxiety and anxiety attacks. To find out more about Social Anxiety Disorder, visit this link. For more information on how to stop an anxiety attack, watch this video. For more tips on how to deal with anxiety, watch this video.

These are just a couple of things you can do to not let your anxiety get the best of you. If your anxiety persists or gets worse, it’s always best to speak to an adult or a professional about it. We promise that help is available for you, and that you will overcome this stressful time. Stay strong!

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