Picture this - you’re studying hard for an upcoming exam, then you get a message- it’s your friend inviting you out to a party. Suddenly you’ve got a dilemma on your hands - you have to choose between going out or studying. Thankfully, here’s how you can avoid situations like this.

Get Organised

The only way to get great marks for your exams as well as keep your social life going, is to plot out your study time in a diary or on a calendar (or both!). Once you’ve made a plan of what you need to study and how much time you should spend on it every day, you can see how much free time you actually have. We aren’t saying you can’t go out with friends at all during exams, but if you will be, just be organised about it and make sure that it won’t cut into your study time.

Study with your friends

A great way to combine socialising with your study time is to chill with people who are writing exams with you. You could even create a study squad together, which can help you all do well in your exams! Just remember that you still need to study at home as well- don’t just rely on chatting to your friends about the exam- you’ll need to do more than that to pass!

Put the tech away

Logging onto social media or even checking your phone’s messaging apps is likely to give you major FoMO. When you’re studying, put that stuff away and focus on what you need to do. There’ll always be another party to go to once you’re done with your exams, but you only have one shot to study hard and do well- so rather get it over and done with and then go out to celebrate afterward.

Do fulfilling activities

There are ways to socialise and make new friends that aren’t at the expense of your school marks. For example, if you go out to a hectic party, chances are you’ll feel super tired and spend the next morning recovering. On the other hand, going for a coffee with a few friends during the day still gives you time to socialise, without tiring you out so much that you can’t study later. Getting involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities also gives you a chance to socialise, while getting healthier or improving an important skill.


Communication is super important if you want to balance out your studies with your social life. Communicating with your friends about your exams and letting them know that you’re busy will make them understand if you can’t go out with them during this time. Remember that a truly good friend will want you to do well in your exams, and won’t pressure you to go out or make you feel lame for focusing on your studies.

On the other hand, it’s also important to communicate with your teachers and your parents, especially if you’re struggling with any part of your studies or need advice. Remember that they’re there to help you, so make sure you’re keeping in contact with them if you need to- it’s always good to have some advice from someone older and more experienced.

Your social life doesn’t have to suffer during exam time. You’ll be fine as long as you stay organised, communicate and use your time well. Have fun and study hard!

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