Being a new kid, in a new school, with new people can be quite daunting. You don’t know what to expect or how you’ll be treated by your peers, and you always think you stand out way more than everyone else. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you get comfortable.

Be open

Be open to the new experience. We know leaving old friends behind isn’t easy, but it’s important to open yourself up to making new friends and new memories. You should see this as a fresh start to do things better or differently. Here are a few tips to help you make friends.

Engage and participate

Jumping into conversations with people you don’t know or participating in activites when you’re not familiar with the environment is one of the most difficult things to do, but it’s necessary. Interacting with your peers and participating in class will show that even though you’re new, you’re also confident. That’ll draw people to you because you have something to offer, and it’ll make you feel more comfortable quicker.

Know your school

This is a new school, so chances are the students you find there already know their way around the place, but you don’t. Get to know your school. Walk around during your lunch break and familiarise yourself with the environment. This will get you clued up about the available facilities, and it’ll be a good conversation starter for making friends.

Join a team

Decide on an extramural activity you’d like to do, and join it. You’ll make friends this way and you’ll be known for something. Use this as a way to make a name for yourself among your peers and your teachers.

Take it to the socials

Perhaps speaking directly to people gives you anxiety or makes you nervous, so maybe you should consider staring real life friendships online by adding your peers on social media. This will help both of you know a little bit more about each other without having a conversation. You could always start one in the DMs after adding your new classmates, just to avoid any awkwardness.

There are ways to deal with being the new kid in school. And there’s nothing wrong with being new, in fact, it can be really great. It helps to own your spot as the “new kid” and to be confident, that helps stay clear of bullies or be seen as timid, or even with being isolated. Here’s an article you can read in case you need to handle bullies as the new kid.

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