How to stay safe on your holiday job

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A holiday job is great if you want to gain some experience or make a bit of extra cash. As long as you do so safely. Here’s more.

Look out for human traffickers

Unfortunately, we live in a country where human trafficking is a huge problem. Many human traffickers target young people (often, girls and women) who are looking for work- that’s why you need to be extra cautious. Traffickers work by manipulating their victims so they can gain control over them. They do this by drugging, luring victims into isolated spaces, etc. So, make sure that you never agree to travel to abandoned locations, and never accept open drinks or food from anyone.

Avoid lifts from drunk drivers

Since it’s the festive season, some people might be drinking more than usual. But this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to accept a lift from a drunk friend or colleague. If someone offers you a lift and you suspect that they were drinking, then it’s safer to say no than to endanger your life. Drunk driving is a serious problem because your life can change for the worst in a split second.

Don’t tolerate sexual harassment

If any of your superiors ask for sexual favours in return for a favour at work, that’s sexual harassment and it should never be tolerated. Even if they make a sexual comment about your body, that’s not acceptable. You should receive favours at work because of your work/performance and nothing else. It’s best to walk away from this type of work environment because it’s not healthy and it’s not good for your career advancement.

Don’t agree to be an inside man

If you’ll be working at a shop or restaurant, criminals might try and use you to get confidential information so they can rob or scam your place of work. Don’t get involved in any activity that’ll make this possible for them. Besides the fact that you’ll get arrested if you get caught, this can make you unemployable and put you in some serious danger.

Before starting at your new job, make sure your loved ones know exactly where you’re working. Always keep your phone charged and on you when you’re at work, in case you need to call someone for help. Remember that not everyone has pure intentions, so if anything sounds too good to be true - then it probably is. Here are a few more red flags to look out for to stay safe. Have you spotted red flags while working during the holidays? Share them with our other CellCgirls on our socials- FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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