The festive season is one of the most important times to take advantage of when promoting your small business. How can you do it right in 2020? Here’s our advice.

Create a timeline

The start of December is a good time to get into the festive spirit- it’s usually not too late, or too early. Your marketing timeline for these next few weeks will depend on the product or service you’re offering, as well as your target market’s shopping habits.
Last minute gift shopping is also something you can take advantage of by sharing reminders of upcoming holidays (eg. Christmas Eve). You can share these reminders on your social media pages, as well as by sending our a promotional e-mail to your customer database.

Do something unique

Stand out from the usual festive season marketing that your competitors are doing by coming up with some unique and creative ideas. You can do a funny or modern twist on the traditional festive season themes. You can even promote your product as an interesting alternative to the festive season products that everyone knows and loves. Don’t be afraid of breaking the mould- customers will appreciate it!

Be online

Due to the pandemic, many people will prefer to shop online instead of heading the busy malls this year. This gives you a great opportunity to sell your products online and reach more people. But if you can’t sell your product or service online, don’t worry. You can still use social media and other digital spaces to promote your business to potential customers who are browsing online. One great way to attract customers’ attention is to create some holiday video content for your social media pages. Video is becoming more and more popular because it’s more interesting than static images. Creating a video doesn’t need to be super expensive or time-consuming either. Even a short, simple video will do the trick.

Offer value

This year has been unlike any other, and people’s spending habits won’t be the same this festive season compared to previous years. One way to let your customers support you while understanding their financial situation, is to offer some value over and above your main product or offering. For example, you can throw in a small gift, or a discount on certain purchases.

Just because the festive season happens every year, doesn’t mean that your marketing should be the same old. Consider what your customers are looking for during this time, and don’t forget your call-to-action with every piece of marketing material you create. Good luck!

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