Most learners tend to undermine and under-appreciate practical exam finals. Your practical lessons are actually a big deal. Practical lessons tend to contribute a huge chunk of your final marks, so you don’t want to catch yourself regretting why you didn’t pay attention in class. If you haven’t started already, here’s how you can get prepared.

Attend all your lessons

Practical lessons are experiential in nature. This simply means that you need to be there and do the work in order to fully understand any of it. Attend all your classes and pay attention during every lesson. Remember that the theory section is as important as the practical sections. Having an understanding of the theory, will help you apply that knowledge in real-life situations. The practical sections help you test if the theory around it holds true or not.

Make notes

Take notes during lessons. This could be anything you think is important to know. This is the best time to sync both theory and practical knowledge together. Observe any mistakes, successes, unexpected outcomes and points you want to discuss with your educator/facilitator. These notes will help you when you study. Refer back to them to remind yourself of how each practical lesson was. Take these notes to your teacher/facilitator to discuss them. You can also discuss them with your study group, to see what other things your peers observed during the practicals.

Practice often

Just like Maths, Science and other technical subjects, practicing is a huge part of your study routine. Make sure that you practice what you’ve learned as much as you can.

Ask your educator/facilitator for extra lab time or access to the equipment you need to use. At home, try to find any material that can help you practice what you learned at school. Take notes of every process while studying. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Get help

Your teachers and facilitators are there to help you learn and understand your work. Don’t be shy to reach out and ask for help and support where you need it.

A study group is also a great resource to use. You can ask learners that get the parts you battle with, and exchange notes and ideas about the practicals. If you don’t have one already, learn how to start one here.

You can also turn to your social media pages and the internet as a whole to get more help and support. Follow pages that create content around your subjects. YouTube is also an awesome platform to watch tutorials that explain the very thing you need help with.

Remember, confidence is everything. If you’ve followed the steps we mentioned above, all you have to do now is trust in your abilities. You’ve made it this far in your study career, we’re pretty sure you can overcome these finals as well. If you need more advice or support for preparing for your practical finals, feel free to send us a DM on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or on AskCellCgirl.

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