Anyone who tells you maths is easy is obviously lying because even the smartest people have to put in some work to master it. So, is there a full-proof formula for someone who struggles with the tricky subject to get decent marks? Unfortunately, the answer is no; but we’ve given you 3 easy steps to help you get better grades over time.

Give yourself homework

Homework can be a bit boring, but all it does is give you the opportunity to get more familiar with certain concepts through practice and revision. Dedicating some time daily to go over your work is an effective way to help you keep up with new work as it’s introduced. Maths is basically made up of simple concepts that build on each other - getting the gist of a concept is usually the best way to master it as it becomes more complex. For example, algebraic equations are puzzles that contain numbers and variables (x and y) where you have to find the value of each variable. They may start off as simplistic expressions where only 1 variable is unknown, and then get more complicated (include decimals and roots) from there. Either way, the main idea does not change.

Participate in class

You’re probably wondering how this makes any difference, but showing up and actively participating in any lesson greatly increases your chances of doing well in that subject. This is because you’re asking questions, making notes and breaking down heavy concepts so that they’re easy to grasp. Teachers are also more willing to give extra help and time to learners who show enthusiasm and contribute to the lesson.

YouTube it up

Parents might not agree, but YouTube is not just good for makeup tutorials and funny videos. There are loads of helpful videos that simplify mathematical concepts and give you easy steps to follow when faced with challenging equations. Unlike traditional classrooms, you can pause and repeat them whenever you need to. Since airtime and data are quite expensive, you’re able to access the internet for free at community libraries and public Wi-Fi zones. Knock yourself out with the ones we’ve given below:

You don’t have to be super talented and geeky to be good at math. If anything, all it really takes is a bit of hard work and the right attitude to improve your marks. So the next time you’re thinking of sitting at the back of the class and disappearing into your chair, think again.

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