How to make your holidays carefree

Holiday time is made for rest, relaxation and leaving worries behind. But sometimes, we can feel tense and uneasy during the summer as well. Here are a few tips on how to make your time off more fun and carefree.

Limit stressful interactions

Do certain situations or people make you feel anxious and stressed out? For example, you may have a friend who’s always getting you into uncomfortable situations, or going out to a place you’d prefer not to go to.

Consider avoiding these while you’re on holiday- and don’t be worried about the FOMO. You’ll feel a lot more chilled if you’re doing what you want to do, instead of what everyone else is doing.

Make time for yourself

It’s good to dedicate a good portion of your holiday to re-connecting with yourself and recharging your own batteries. Socialising is great as well, don’t get us wrong, but it’s also important to do things that you enjoy and that help you grow, without any outside distractions.

Make time for your hobbies, your interests, and even just the music or movies that you enjoy. Spending this time on things you enjoy will leave you feeling energised and inspired.

Stay safe

Being carefree isn’t the same as being careless. In fact, if you’re in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation, it can ruin your entire holiday and leave you feeling super stressed out. Remember to stay safe when going out to parties, going on dates and so on.

The last thing you want to deal with during your break is the result of a bad or reckless decision. If something doesn’t feel right, that’s reason enough to avoid the situation and quickly head to a place of safety.

Keep a holiday diary

Holidays are the time to let go and relax. The less you have to worry about what you need to do, the better. That’s why keeping a holiday diary is a great habit to get into- you can use this to write down your random thoughts and ideas, as well as your plan for the week or month.

If you have a goal such as exercising a bit more while you’re on your break, or doing an online course, jot these down in a to-do list to keep you motivated and inspired.

Holidays are the time to relax, unwind and clear your mind. Follow these easy tips and you’ll have the most chill this summer.

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