Making friends in high school can be one of the most intimidating things ever! Thankfully, there are ways to make it easier for yourself, even if you’re very shy. Here’s our advice.

Be approachable

If you tend to feel shy and reserved in social situations, then your body language probably reflects that, making you look closed off and unapproachable. Try making little changes to your posture such as lifting your chin slightly, sitting up nice and tall, keeping your arms relaxed and open and facing your body in the direction of the person you’d like to interact with.

Be comfortable with yourself

If you think that making friends in school is something difficult and challenging, you need to have faith in your own worth and self-confidence. Remember that only you can define who you are, and regardless of who you’re hanging out with, what matters is that you’re comfortable with yourself and aren’t afraid to be independent. It may sound a bit counter-productive, but learning to be okay with being alone in school will actually help you connect with others, because you aren’t trying hard to be someone you’re not. Staying true to yourself may not always get you a huge squad, but it will get you a few good friends who are genuine, reliable and fun!

Find people you click with

Strike up a conversation with someone based on a common interest such as a favourite musician, TV show, book or anything else. Another great way to find people you naturally click with is to join an extracurricular activity. Whether you’re sporty or more on the artsy, cultural side, getting involved in an after-school activity will introduce you to new and awesome people. Plus, learning and excelling in a new skill will give you a confidence boost and make you more comfortable in your own skin!

Make the move

Chances are, most of the students at your high school are feeling quite shy (whether they show it or not). So if you’d like to speak to someone, don’t be afraid to make the first move by starting up the conversation. This may feel intimidating, but once you get the ball rolling, that person will probably feel happy that you’ve made the effort to approach them. Worst case scenario, they aren’t interested and you just move on- so there’s nothing to be scared of!

Making friends in high school may seem intimidating, but trust us - follow this advice and you’ll have your own squad in no time. Remember that confidence is key - believe in yourself and stay positive, because that’s the attitude that will help you find the best friends in school. Good luck!

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