Getting and keeping a job is difficult enough without the hassle and uncertainty of whether or not you made the right decision. You shouldn’t ever have to spend too much time worrying and questioning if a job is really for you. It should be organic and feel like the best career move for you in that moment. If you find yourself questioning whether or not your job is the right fit for you, then this is a must read.

You love what you do

If you’re passionate about your job, then that’s probably exactly where you should be. Sure, you won’t always love your job and you won’t enjoy everything about it, but if you look forward to getting straight to work everyday, then that’s a good job for you.

You feel like you’re growing

Your job, regardless of what you do, should grow you for your future career endeavours. You should leave there feeling like you’ve become better and more confident at what you do. If your job doesn’t grow you on a professional level, then that only means that it’s holding you back and perhaps it’s time to consider other employment opportunities.

You’re heard

There’s nothing worse than being in spaces where you feel like you’re not heard. I can be impossible to express any form of dissatisfaction if you feel like no one really cares. So if you’re in a company that hears your grievances and solves them or one where you’re able to face real life situations in your personal life and are shown a sense of leniency to sort them out, then that’s a good place to be and you shouldn’t be so quick to jump ship.

You’re fairly paid

Most people choose jobs based on the salary, which is okay considering how high the cost of living is today. There are other important aspects that motivate people to remain in their jobs, but the salary is often put right at the top. If you’re earning the standard market salary or higher and your salary matches your responsibilities, then there’s a high chance that you’re not being exploited. It’s a good reason to want to keep your job and an even better reason to stay motivated.

Your “yes” is loud and proud

How often are you asked “do you enjoy what you do?”? And how long does it usually take you to respond to that question? If there’s a sense of hesitation when you’re asked if you like your job or the company you work for, then you should look into figuring out why that is. A confident “yes” shouldn’t be used to convince others that you actually like everything about your job- it should be a natural response and you should mean it. If you don’t, then you can either find ways to improve your current situation or change it entirely.

We spend too much time at work to be miserable in our jobs. You can be good at your job and still dislike it, but the chances of you not giving your all when you love your job, are very slim. Being valued as an employee can also change the way that you view your job, so tap into spaces where what you have to offer is appreciated.

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