Many girls feel a ton of pressure to spend a lot when planning for their Matric dance. If you’re in this position, take a deep breath and think about it before you start trying to fork out unnecessary money. Here's how to have an amazing MD without spending a ton of cash.

Fast Fashion

Getting your dress, accessories and shoes at a fast fashion store, as opposed to having it custom made or buying from a boutique, is an option which many girls go for when shopping for their MD outfit.

Why it’s great: Checking out what the fast fashion stores such as Mr Price, H&M or Woolworths have to offer is great if you’re looking for a fashionable design at an affordable price.

Things to consider: The quality and comfort of what you buy may not be the best. Also, if you’re purchasing anything online, you’re putting yourself at risk of getting scammed (especially if you’re buying from a company that isn’t reputable). Another thing to consider is that more and more young people are choosing not to support fast fashion brands due to their impact on human rights in other countries, as well as the environment. For more information on this, you can watch this video and decide for yourself.

Get it second-hand

Browse through sites such as Gumtree, OLX or Facebook Marketplace, and you’ll find tons of Matric dance dresses and accessories for sale. You could also ask around in your community to see if anyone has a dress which they wouldn’t mind lending to you for the evening.

Why it’s great: Getting a dress second-hand is affordable and browsing online is convenient. Plus, you’re doing the environment a favour by re-using a dress which otherwise would have been thrown away.

Things to consider: Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there- be careful when purchasing online, or meeting someone from the internet. You can avoid shopping online altogether by visiting your local second-hand shop and seeing what they’ve got to offer instead.

You can also check out the Princess Project - this wonderful initiative hooks up girls in need with gorgeous Matric dance and other formal dresses.


There are so many elements of your outfit which you could actually design and create yourself.

Why it’s great: You can be creative, get crafty and make your dress and accessories truly special.

Things to consider: If you want to DIY your MD outfit, be sure to start planning for it in advance, as it will probably be a lengthy process. There’s also a chance of something going wrong so you’ll need to plan around any obstacles you may face.

Bonus tip: A great way to spend your MD budget wisely is to buy something you’ll wear again.

Planning for your Matric dance on a budget is possible- it’s also a great opportunity for you to do something cool, creative and conscientious. Remember that the most important part of your dance is making memories and spending time with your friends- not how expensive your dress or shoes are.

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