Did you know that there’s more than one type of study style? In fact, chances are that the way your friends' study isn’t the best way for you. If you’d like to get more value out of your study sessions and study smarter (not harder) you’ll need to find the right study style for you. Here’s how.

Option 1 - Take a test

The easiest way to discover your study style is to take a free online test, like this one by Education Planner. Once you’ve completed the test, it’ll give you a breakdown of your results, and suggest the best ways for you to study based on the information you’ve given.

Option 2 - Test yourself

Another way to find your study style is to get clued up on the different ways of learning and find one or two that best describe you. There are 6 main learning styles you should know about:

Visual- Pictures, diagrams, and spatial understanding. Aural- Sound, listening to lessons or tutorials and music. Verbal- Words, both in speech and writing. Physical- Using your body, hands and sense of touch. Logical- Using logic, reasoning and systems. Social- You learn best with other people. Solitary- You learn best on your own.

Think about how you learn and memorise things as well as what you enjoy doing. If you like working with your hands, for example, you’re likely to have a physical learning style, which means you’ll have to find creative ways to study using this style.

To learn more about the different study styles in more detail, visit this page.

Trial and error

Once you’ve found the study style (or combination of styles) that’s best for you, it’s time to start using it. Incorporate it into every study session, and communicate it with your teachers, tutor and anyone who’s helping you study (such as your parents or your study squad).

Try your new method for a while and keep track of the results. Is it helping improve your marks? Use this information to adjust as necessary, and stay open to learning new things in different ways.

Finding your study style will make studying more enjoyable and valuable to you. Remember that it’s okay to study in a way that’s different to how everyone else is doing it- as long as it works for you, that’s all that matters.

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