Looking for a holiday job so you can earn extra moola while you’re on summer break? Here’s how to make sure you find the perfect one for you, and impress them so much that they hire you with a smile!

Look for honesty

A good holiday job is one where things are clear from the get-go. Be sure to ask for clarification on any part of the job description, salary or anything else you may not understand. A good employer will happily answer all of your questions clearly and honestly.

Be honest

Be honest with yourself, as well as in your interview. Don't agree to overtime or double shifts if you aren’t comfortable with that amount of work. Basically, don’t make promises you can’t keep- it will save you as well as the employer a lot of trouble. Remember that you still need to prioritise time for yourself during your holidays, otherwise you won’t feel well rested.

Expect flexibility

While it’s true that a holiday job is a job like any other, it’s also important that you find a place to work at which respects your schedule, and can be flexible when it comes to negotiating salary, shift times, etc.

Show flexibility

During the busy holiday period, many employees (especially those in retail and the service industry) are looking for someone who doesn’t mind working later hours than usual, or working odd hours such as on weekends. Showing them that you can be flexible with your time will instantly make a good impression.

Sell yourself well

Emphasise your hard work ethic, and ability to get things done quickly. Most holiday job employers are looking for someone who’s reliable and able to work quickly and efficiently. Selling yourself well is crucial if you want to stand out from the crowd of others your age who are applying for the same position.

Walk the talk

It’s all good and well to tell your potential employer why they should hire you, but remember that you need to show them that’s all true as well. Be punctual for your interview, be presentable and take the extra time beforehand to make sure you’re well groomed- looking your best will give you the confidence boost you need!

Get ready to commit

Having a job during the holidays can sometimes give you major FoMO, especially if you can’t go out with friends because you’re booked to work. It’s important that you feel ready to commit to this. To keep yourself motivated, make a list of reasons why you’re working so hard during your holiday- there are so many great reasons to put in the hard work so keep your focus on them, even if you sometimes feel like you’re missing out on having fun.

The “perfect” holiday job is the one that’s right for you. The type of company that’s honest with you, and that you can be honest with in return. To land it, make sure you’re confident, presentable and upfront- voila!

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