Having assignment deadlines around exam time can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out- we hear you! If you’re having trouble balancing the two, then here’s some advice for you!

Plan before you begin

During this busy time, your diary and calendar will be your best friends. When planning your assignments and study time, it’s important to take into account the type of person you are. For example, do you work better under pressure or do you need to start projects well in advance? Do you study better during the day or at night? What other activities take up your time? Make sure to plan around all of these factors and create a study plan which works for you.

Prioritise correctly

When you have a lot of academic responsibilities to take care of, it’s essential to prioritise your time accordingly. When deciding when and what to prioritise, consider the following:

What subject is the work for?

You may want to focus more on certain subjects for reasons such as your university application, future career goals, etc.

When is this due?

Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete everything before the due date.

How much time will the task take to complete?

Be honest when allocating time to tasks- don’t forget to give yourself some breathing space too!

Will this task be easier or more challenging to complete?

Start earlier and allow yourself more time for subjects and tasks which you tend to struggle with.

Do a little bit every day

Avoid the overwhelming flood of work you have to get done at the last minute by rather working on what you need to do a little bit each day. Your planning from earlier will come in handy here- having a weekly or monthly schedule will help you know how much, as well as what type of work you’re doing and when your due dates are. Even if you work well under pressure, it’s still essential to plan out your tasks in order to get everything done on time.

Balancing assignments and exam prep might be tricky, but it’s definitely possible. We hope that you’ve found these tips useful, and that they’ve helped you manage your time better and feel less overwhelmed!

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