High school is the time when you grow and discover who you are, but those changes come with many challenges as well. Where can you find the tools and advice you need to navigate the ups and downs of high school life? That’s where the CellCgirl website comes in. Here are all the ways our platform is designed to help you out on your journey from grade 8 right through to matric.

Study tips and advice

If you’re in high school, you'll need study tips to help you through. Whether you need to know what to do if you’ve chosen the wrong subject in high school, or which 5 back-to-school basics you need to succeed, our Study section has got you covered. We answer your high school questions in detail, such as how you can choose between Maths and Maths Lit, or where you can get free help for your Physics and Chemistry studies.

Lifestyle tips and advice

This is also the time when you can really begin building a great lifestyle for yourself (with the right guidance, or course)! If you need sisterly life advice such as what workouts are quick and easy to do after-school, or how to make friends in high school.

Tools for success

Because we know that you’ll need more than just advice in high school, we’ve also created a few free tools you can use to make your life less stressful.

Subject choice help

When choosing your subjects in grade 9, or what to study when applying for university, it’s important to have an idea of which career paths you’d like to pursue in future. These are often the most stressful times for high school students, which is why we created the Career Interest Test. Take this test before choosing your study path, and you’ll go into your decisions with a lot more confidence.

Here if you need to talk

High school can be an awkward time because you aren’t a child anymore, but you aren’t given the freedom of an adult either. Certain problems and experiences can be embarrassing or difficult to discuss with your parents or even your friends. You don’t have to figure these things out on your own anymore - Ask CellCgirl is here to help. You can ask us anything, privately and for free. Whether your problems are study or life related, Ask CellCgirl will respond to you quickly and give you trustworthy advice. When we say we’re here to support you on your journey, we mean it.

Finding your future university

Searching for your future university or college can also be tricky- especially when you find a great place only to find out it’s located so far from your area! An easy way to map out which tertiary institutions are close to you is to use our Locator Tool.

Matric made easy

When you get to matric, the search for internships and bursaries begins. Don’t know where to start? Head over to our section Opportunities section where you can search for bursaries, internships and more by subject, sector or location. Another important skill you’ll need to learn in your matric year (if not earlier) is how to create your CV. Lucky for you, we’ve got a free CV Wizard that’s super easy to use.

Finally, you’ll need a reliable source of test papers and other study resources. Ask any high school student- past papers are a life-saver! You can find past papers, study guides, essay templates and so much more to download for free in our Downloads section.

High school is such an exciting time, and one you should enjoy instead of stressing about. Go into each grade with confidence, knowing that CellCgirl has your back! Go ahead and register to join CellCgirl here.

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