Dating a “bad” boy or girl in school can feel fun and thrilling in the moment, but getting caught up with the wrong person early on can lead to some consequences in your future. Here are a few ways one bad relationship can impact the rest of your life.

Doing worse in school

When you’re in love, hanging out with bae 24/7 feels like the only thing you want to do. While the butterflies are great and there’s nothing wrong with feeling them, a crush can quickly turn into spending way too much time chatting on the phone, or chilling in person. Remember that a relationship should never drain all of your time and energy- after all, you want to achieve great things in life and your dreams deserve your focus too. If you’d like more advice on how to balance books and bae, read this article.

Losing focus of your goals

Aside from your marks at school taking a dip, getting involved with the wrong person can make you lose track of your future plans and ambitions. If your partner has a dominating personality, then you could find yourself losing your own identity alongside them. Remember to also be cautious of anyone who belittles your goals and dreams- someone who cares about you will be supportive and want you to succeed.

Unplanned pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy, especially if you’re still in school, can impact your future plans to study and work. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario for girls who find themselves in toxic relationships and often, their partners don’t assist in the pregnancy or raising of the baby. If you’re sexually active with your partner, remember to always use a condom and consider adding an additional contraceptive such as the pill.

Alcohol and drug use

When you love and trust your partner, you can be more open to the idea of drinking or even trying drugs with them. Drinking can be tempting if your partner does it, but remember that while they may be the legal age to drink, you can still get into trouble if you aren’t.

Drug use in a relationship can be tricky because it’s hard to admit when it becomes a problem, since you have your partner enabling your behaviour. This often means that couples who use drugs together find it even more difficult to break the habit. Remember that you have the power to say no, and turn down offers of drug use. Be firm and set up boundaries, always remembering the future you would like to have.

If your partner keeps pressuring you to try something you aren’t comfortable with, consider distancing yourself from them. Someone who truly cares about you will never push you to do something you don’t want to do.

Relationships should help you grow, and inspire you to live a life you can be proud of. Your future plans, dreams and ambitions are the most important thing, and a good partner will encourage you to be better, not drag you down into an unhealthy lifestyle.

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