Who says you need to spend lots of money to have a good time over the holiday? There are things you and your squad can get up to that won’t break the bank and since we’re the eternal plug, we’ve made a list to help you. You’re welcome!

Movie marathon

Everybody loves a good movie marathon. You can do this overnight at your place or a buddy’s house and have a cool marathon sleepover, complete with all your favourite snacks; or during the day, if that works out better. Ask all your friends to bring a different movie so that you can watch a variety of films and everyone gets to see something they like.


Get out a blanket, put some snacks together and gather all your best friends for a fun picnic under the sun. It’s literally that simple. You can go to the nearest park, botanical gardens or even the zoo. Wherever you choose to have it, we guarantee that you’ll make some awesome memories without having to spend too much money.

Take up cycling

If you have an old bicycle lying around, this is a great way to explore your neighbourhood and stay fit. Whether you do this early in the morning or at sunset, it’ll be a lot of fun and who knows? You could end up entering a local cycling race or event.

Start a veggie patch

If you like to get your hands dirty, this is the perfect hobby for you. You can start a little veggie patch in your backyard with just a few seeds, a spade and some soil. If you don’t have a garden, you can collect some old containers and repurpose them as pots.

You could even go as far as painting and decorating them if you’re feeling creative. It’s a great little project that won’t cost you much and you can look forward to some fresh herbs or vegetables after some time.

Hike a trail

We’re all about staying active and this is a great way to do that and socialise at the same time. Find a hiking trail not too far from home and go hiking with your friends. You can also pack some picnic supplies for when you get to the end of the trail.

Holidays don’t have to leave a huge dent in your pocket. In fact, you’ll have more fun and create memorable experiences with your besties if you plan intimate, affordable activities instead.

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