Applying for a bursary can be intimidating, especially if you know that there are so many other people who are applying for the same opportunity. Worry not though, because there are a few special ways you can stand out from the crowd. Here are our tips.

Brag creatively

Chances are, your application will be read by someone who possibly has to go through thousands of other applications. Try using creative words and phrases to highlight your skills, as the reader will likely be tired of the generic, run-of-the-mill adjectives by lunchtime. Don’t be afraid of bragging about your achievements- just make sure you’re honest, and that they’re relevant to the opportunity you’re applying for.

Go the extra mile

Even if the opportunity you’re applying for doesn’t require you to attach things such as a letter of motivation or CV, adding these things into your application shows you’re willing to go the extra mile. Attaching a CV or portfolio will give the reader an idea of what kind of student (and person) you are. Just be sure to adhere to the guidelines before sending your documents through, as some opportunities may specify that your application shouldn’t be over a certain page or word limit.

Add references

A recommendation (also known as a reference) can be a letter or even just one paragraph written by your school principal, teacher or any other impartial and relevant person who can testify about your skills, qualities and why you’re the perfect bursary candidate. Be sure to add the correct contact information of whoever’s given a testimony to your application.

Show you’re attentive

It’s very important that you read and follow all of the application criteria and instructions carefully. Have you attached every document they’ve asked for? Have you filled in all of the sections? Thoroughly go through all of your documents and your application before sending it through, checking for any spelling errors or anything else that needs fixing.

Then, make sure you send the application on time and in the way they’ve specified- otherwise, they may not receive or consider it.

The most important things to remember when applying for a bursary or grant are to be confident, follow all of the instructions and show them you’re a capable, trust worthy and hardworking candidate. Good luck!

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