Do you struggle to find energy and enthusiasm to get out of bed on Monday mornings? You’re not alone- lots of people complain about the start of the week. But just because this attitude is common doesn’t mean it’s the way your life should be. Here’s how to make Monday mornings your favourite time of the week, instead of a mood-killer.

Why do you hate Mondays?

Ever thought about why Mondays are such an irritating day for you? It’s important to understand why you feel this way about them. Maybe you get anxious at the thought of going back to school or work. Why is that? Are you feeling stressed out over your work, a particular situation or the people you need to interact with? Remember that any problem can be fixed, so be honest with yourself and if you can do something to improve your situation, then go for it. Overcoming these issues will help your Mondays feel a lot less draining, so they’re worth looking into.

What about Sunday evenings?

If you feel overwhelmed on a Monday because of all of the tasks you need to get done, then that’s a time management problem that you can actually fix. Try finishing off whatever small tasks you have (such as wrapping up an assignment or replying to messages and e-mails) on a Sunday evening. This way, you’ll go into Monday with a clearer head and less stress.

Mondays are a fresh start

Mondays are the start of a new week, which means they’re the perfect time for planning out your week, making some to-do lists and setting goals for what you’d like to achieve. Making this a habit every Monday will give you something to look forward to, and it will help you prioritise what you need to do so the rest of your week runs smoothly.

Treat yourself on a Monday

Why wait until Friday to do something nice for yourself? Rather, make Mondays the day where you give yourself a treat. Whether it’s your favourite chocolate, a face mask, relaxing bath or some meditation, book it in for your Monday evening. We all need some self care now and then, and throwing it into a Monday will have you looking forward to the day.

Monday mornings don’t need to be a drag. Changing your perspective can make this day of the week your favourite one! Remember to visit our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for daily doses of inspiration, tips and advice (yes, even on a Monday)!

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