By the time you get to Grade 7, you’ve probably heard enough high school horror stories. But we’re here to tell you it’s not all that bad. Here are 5 things that people don’t tell you that can really help you navigate your way around this big change.

There’s more homework

In primary school, homework more or less consists of a few sums and a couple of paragraphs, nothing that takes up too much of your time. High school is a little bit different; nobody warns you about the numerous hours you’ll spend on assignments, algebra and literary essays. The workload increases and you’re required to keep up with it all by taking some work home. This is also great preparation for university or college and the working world since workload does not decrease over time and certain jobs will require more effort from you. Prepare yourself for this by getting used to doing extra reading and math practice from home in your Grade 7 year and 8th Grade will be a breeze.

Maths gets trickier

You may have guessed this already, but maths does become a bit more complicated in high school. You’re going to be introduced to algebra, trigonometry and more complex geometrical equations. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough aid from your teachers and online sources to help you manoeuvre this subject, but it will require more effort and dedication from you. Read here to learn how to master maths, here for a list of YouTube channels that make maths less hectic and here for free online alternatives to tutoring.

Teachers aren’t as nice

Primary school places a lot of importance on behaviour, following rules and regulations, as well as learning to be independent. By the time you get to high school, teachers expect you have this down. It’s not that they’re not friendly, the focus just shifts from behaviour and how to use your scissors, to more demanding academic work. High school teachers also have greater, more taxing workloads and learning outcomes demanded of them, so you can understand why they may be a bit less relaxed.

The smart kids don’t always come out tops

Being incredibly smart is usually enough to get you through primary school with minimal effort and decent grades. Because concepts are more complex and there is more information to remember in high school, sheer intelligence will not get you through the grades. In fact, the kids who work harder and put more effort into reading and understanding their work, are the ones who get good grades and excel at their studies. This may be comforting or scary - depending on what kind of student you choose to be.

You can get marks taken off

Unheard-of right? Teachers in high school really mean business, so while you’re working on your newfound social life, be sure you don’t miss any submission dates as a percentage may get taken off daily.

High school is a completely different space to primary school - with more classes, longer school days and a little less supervision. But, if you’re ready for these changes, you can stay on top of your game by dedicating more time to your schoolwork, and overall preparedness for a whole new (rewarding) experience.

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