Didn't read your literature book? These 5 sites will save your life

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If you've lost your literature book for the term or you just gave up on reading it, that feeling when you know you’ll be tested on it soon is pure panic. Relax, help is on the way! Here are 5 sites that will help you pass, even if you haven't read the whole of Hamlet, Animal Farm or any other literature book.


Sparknotes is one of the most popular sites for free literature notes. You can easily search classic books and even Shakespeare’s plays on this site, and most likely find what you’re looking for. SparkNotes offers notes on literature, poetry, history and even film and philosophy. Once you’re done with your studying, you can relax and have fun with the SparkLife section of the site where you can do fun quizzes and read articles such as Snapchats from The Great Gatsby.


The Literature Notes in CliffsNotes are free to access and they are very helpful in summarising classic books. What’s great about CliffsNotes is that their summaries are written out, but you can watch them as a video as well.


On GradeSaver you can find summaries, themes, character lists and more on hundreds of classic books and plays. GradeSaver’s notes also offer background to the setting of the story as well as free quizzes where you can practice answering questions about the book you’re studying.


The eNotes website has free summaries, notes and reviews on many classic books. eNotes is also great source of inspiration if you need to write a literature essay too- simply type in your question (for example: is Othello a villain?) and you’ll be able to read discussions and opinion pieces that can inspire you when writing your essay or answering longer comprehension questions.


If you want to laugh and learn at the same time, check out Wisecrack’s video series called Thugnotes. These videos summarise the plots of classic books such as The Great Gatsby, The Giver and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Count yourself lucky this time. But remember that these links should supplement your work, not re-place it. Leaving revision for the last minute is never a good idea, and while it’s great that you can get the basic summary of a story online, the only way to make sure you get a good mark is to take the time and read the book yourself.

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