Didn’t get into varsity? It’s not the end of the world

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So you got a response from the university of your dreams, but it wasn’t quite the response you were hoping for? Disappointing, yes, but this doesn’t mean the end of your journey to success. Here are some facts about not getting into varsity that you should know.

You can try again

Not getting accepted once doesn’t mean you’ll never be accepted. If you were rejected for Semester 1 in 2020, for example, you can apply for Semester 2. Don’t let the setback make you think you’ll never make it because the truth is, you can try again and be successful on your second (or third) attempt.

You can also apply to other institutions, or apply to study a slightly different course. Remember that tertiary institutions often have limited space and are very competitive, so not getting in the first time isn’t a permanent “no”.

You can improve

If you didn’t get accepted, there was probably a reason and learning what this reason is can help you improve. Sometimes, these reasons are outside of your control but other times, they are based on you not quite meeting the academic requirements they were looking for. If this is the case, then the good news is you can improve your marks through things like bridging courses and re-writes, which can help you get accepted the second time around.

Varsity isn’t your only option

Sometimes, what we see as failures are actually new opportunities. Perhaps not being accepted into the institution you wanted to study at was a sign that it isn’t your path. If you’re dead-set on your decision to study that specific subject, then it’s worth another shot to try and apply again. However if you feel like this may not be the subject you would actually thrive in and be passionate about, don’t be afraid to look into other avenues that can be just as rewarding. Options such as going into the working world straight away, trying your hand at entrepreneurship or taking a gap year to discover your path are great alternatives to studying fresh out of matric, and may even make more financial and career sense (depending on your situation).

Not being accepted into your dream university or college can be heartbreaking. But remember that even the bad things in life still happen for a reason, so don’t see that rejection letter as the end of your journey but rather, the beginning. Whether you’re planning on studying elsewhere, becoming an entrepreneur or trying your hand in the working world, CellCgirl is always here to give you the tools, resources and advice you need.

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