Got a feeling that your friend from school is less of a mate and more of an enemy? This happens more often than you think. Here’s how to deal with it.

Confirm your suspicions

It’s normal to have ups and downs with your friend sometimes, but your experience with a frenemy will often get worse over time. Frenemies seem to be happy when you're down, and down when you're happy. Their words don't match up with their actions, making you doubt your own memory. You feel drained instead of empowered in their presence, whether it’s emotionally, spiritually or even physically. Because they’re highly competitive, you’ll always feel like you're in competition with them. If any of these statements sound familiar to you, then you may be dealing with a frenemy. You can learn more signs of a frenemy here.

Understand their actions

There’s a high chance that your frenemy is going through their own personal issues, or are jealous and spiteful of you due to their own insecurities. Once you learn that your frenemy’s actions have nothing to do with you, you can let go of the anger and replace it with understanding.

Be the bigger person

While it may be tempting to defend your reputation, publicly call out or even get revenge on your frenemy, it’s important to stay calm and not stoop down to their level. Remember that you know better- you’re confident, self-assured and have no need to engage in drama or pettiness. Be the bigger person and avoid the situation as much as possible. For more tips on dealing with gossip and jealousy, give this article a read.

Focus on yourself

Having a frenemy can make you feel betrayed and hurt, which is completely normal. Bounce back from these feelings by focusing on your hobbies, achievements and personal goals. Here’s an article on how you can slay in your lane, to help boost your confidence. Once you’re ready to make new friends, here are a few habits to look out for, that will help you find the right ones.

In school and beyond, you’ll likely come across at least one frenemy in your life. Luckily, you’ve now got an idea of how best to handle the situation. Remember you can get confidential advice for free on AskCellCgirl. Good luck!

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