After a long day at school, coming home to household chores like cooking, cleaning, dishes, etc. can be draining. It is the last thing that anybody wants to do, especially when there is a lot of homework, assignments or studying that needs to be completed.

Of course, chores are a big part of our responsibilities as we grow older so there’s no way to avoid them. But when you have schoolwork to do, then you need to come up with a few hacks to get through it. Here are a few tricks to help you juggle your housework and schoolwork.

Free time

Using your time wisely is very important, so when you have a free period at school or when a teacher is absent, use that time to do your homework, assignment, prepare for your tests/exams or studying. That will lessen the school workload when you get home.

Note taking

It is important to revise your work so you can understand it, instead of learning the whole textbook. Make notes while you are reading and you try using visual aids, like mind maps and colours.

Voice recordings

How many of your favourite artist’s lyrics do you know at the top of your head? Audio can be a very effective way for you to study. Record yourself while you’re studying and play the recording while you are busy washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning, or travelling to and from school.

Study groups

Sometimes doing your homework with friends actually helps you get your homework done faster. If you get a chance after school, get together with your friends or classmates and quickly go through your homework together. If it cuts down the time you would normally take when you do your homework on your own, then doing this will help give you bit more time to complete your chores as well.

Negotiate a better chore schedule

Sometimes, schoolwork can be overwhelming but focusing on passing your grades should always be a priority. Having the talk with parents is not always easy but try to explain to them why doing house chores is better on weekends and school holidays - particularly around exam time. If that doesn’t work, discuss your study schedule with your parents (or the people you live with) and see if you can all come to a compromise so that you do less chores on certain days.

Just like the dishes, schoolwork can pile up pretty quickly if you don’t prioritise it - before you know it, you might find yourself drowning and unable to cope. Yes, house chores are still important so also work on proper time management and planning so that in the end, having to do both housework and homework will leave you feeling less overwhelmed.

Do you have any tips for how to balance school and chores? Share them in the comments.

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