One thing we love seeing is young women who do great things. Which is why we had a chat with Kganya Moyo, the girl behind the Makeup By Kganya brand.

Who is Kganya?

Kganya is a 17 year old matriculant from Johannesburg, with a passion for the arts. When she’s not studying or giving girls Hollywood level face-beats, she’s playing the guitar and spending time with family and friends.

What does it mean to be a CellCgirl?

“Being a CellCgirl means carrying with you the belief that your dreams are valid,” Kganya explains. When people told her it’d be impossible to be an entrepreneur and still be on top of her game in school, she went ahead and did just that. “I don’t like to put myself in a box. When I set my mind on something, I really make it happen and that’s exactly what I think being a CellCgirl is about.”

Why makeup?

Kganya tells us the story of how she struggled with bullying in school, “I would get teased about my weight and I’d internalise the comments the other kids made.” It’s hard to believe that you’re beautiful or worthy when people are constantly making fun of you and pointing out your flaws. “At first it was about hiding my imperfections,” she tells us, “but then it became a way I could express myself. I could use makeup to define beauty in my own way, I’d use different colours to paint my mood and I’d wear it with pride. After a while, I realised that I was pretty good at this.” Other girls and young women started to ask her to help them feel beautiful, too, and before she knew it, Kganya had a list of people calling on her to do their makeup for events and special occasions.

What are you most passionate about?

“I realised that when I started to love my body and embrace my talent, it made other people want to do the same.” Kganya is passionate about inspiring other girls to embrace their authentic selves and cultivate a positive body image. That’s why she dreams of one day becoming a model, and showing girls that they can be happy and confident, no matter what size they are. “I’m convinced,” she says, “that you can love your body the way it is, no matter what.” This is a level of self-love we’re totally here for!

How do you balance matric and having your business?

“Wow,” Kganya laughs, “I wish someone had warned me about matric!” She describes to us that her experience has been quite tricky since she’s got to schedule time for clients and still maintain a strict study routine. “I keep my routine strict but realistic,” she explains, “I take the challenges as they come but try to stay on top of my game.” Kganya also tells us how she struggles with procrastination so she’s always pushing herself to complete tasks as they come, instead of waiting for tomorrow.

What would you say to other girls out there who want to become “Youngtrepreneurs”?

“There’s never a right time to start. Whatever you’re dreaming about, you should start now.” There are always going to be obstacles and challenges, someone’s always going to have something to say but the best thing you can do for yourself is start working on your dreams immediately.

Can you give us your fav quote?

She laughs, “It’s got to be ‘Carpe diem’.” Kganya tells us how she aims to seize each day. She’s all about grabbing every opportunity that comes her way, from taking part in the school play, to tackling those intimidating clients for her business — the idea is to make each day count as opposed to waiting for the “right time” to do it. “I think that’s held a lot of people back, waiting for the right moment.” Don’t we know it!

We love to see young women doing extraordinary things and this entrepreneur/ matriculant is no exception. Kganya Moyo is definitely a CellCgirl!

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