Being on the market for a job as someone who is fresh out of school can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re not even sure where to begin. Well, that’s why CellCgirl was created; to help you set foot in the professional realm with ease as a first timer. Here are a few tips that you need to know in order to climb up the ladder from newbie to pro in no time:

CV Creator

The process of job hunting can be quite stressful which is why you need a killer CV and cover letter to set you apart from the other candidates and thankfully, CellCgirl has a CV creator that is easy to use and will allow you to create a CV within a few minutes.

Tips and Advice

CellCgirl also offers you advice and tips to get you through your career journey. Our articles will come in handy for times when you need to ace that interview, for example, or when you need to check if a company is legit and avoid being scammed. So don’t worry, we’ve got your back - from the interview process to job hunting.

Finding your Career Path

Still trying to figure out what job would actually suit you? No worries, we’ve got a Career Interest Test to help set you on the right path. The test is really easy and helps you get an idea for what career would suit you based on your interests.

Downloads to Help you Juggle it All

Finding your feet in the working world when you have no experience can be challenging but CellCgirl is here to make it easier for you by creating articles that will help you plan and manage your time better like using this daily habit tracker for example.

It’s also important to keep healthy while you’re at it, so knowing the right brain foods to eat, as well as following this fitness schedule plan will help you stay on track and focused- and that is what CellCgirl will offer to you.


We definitely know how discouraging job hunting can be, and we don’t want you to lose hope - or even worse - throw in the towel; which is why CellCgirl has an Inspiration Section with stories from the likes of Professor Thuli Madonsela, Miss SA 2018 - Tamaryn Green and many other strong women who refused to let their circumstances define them.

Finding work and ways to excel in your career can be overwhelming but we hope you’ll find the information we have on our website helpful. If you just need to chat, remember that we have a section on the website called Ask CellCgirl! The advice given there is completely free and it’s private.

To join the CellCgirl sisterhood and get access to all of these tools simply register on the website and sign in to CellCgirl.

Good luck! We look forward to helping you get the best out of your work and future career!

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