2020 brought about many issues for businesses- with factors such as the lockdown adding to an already large unemployment rate in SA. This has made the job search even harder for many young professionals. While these challenges are a reality, the good news is that some new career opportunities have emerged from the crisis. Here are a few you can take advantage of.

Working from home

Since the COVID-19 crisis started last year, thousands of local and international businesses switched to remote work. For some businesses, this helped them realise the benefits of letting their employees work from home. Because of this, many more “work-from-home” and remote work opportunities are now available to young professionals. You should include remote jobs in your search, and refine your job alert filters by selecting “remote” under the location section. Even if you don’t yet have everything you need (such as a reliable internet connection or laptop), apply for these positions anyway. You can always negotiate a deal with a potential employee where they sponsor these things for you when you’re starting out.

Online side hustle

Many businesses that can’t operate due to the pandemic are struggling to stay afloat, but others that can operate online are still going, if not thriving right now. Take a moment to write down a list of your current skills, and a few needs you’ve seen in your community lately. Are there any problems people have at the moment that you can use your skills to solve? For example, if you’re good at sewing and you’ve noticed people like to match their masks with their outfits, you could sell cute clothes with matching masks made from the same material and sell them online. To learn more about social media marketing in 2021, give this article a read.


Freelancing has become a lot more popular since the pandemic started because in uncertain times, it can help to be your own boss and work independently. There are many industries which offer opportunities for online freelancers- such as marketing, design, ICT and data science. While it’s usually recommended that you work for a company before getting into freelancing, there are many online resources you can use to learn in-demand skills. For more freelancing tips, check out this article.


Investing your money during turbulent times such as financial crises may seem risky, but it’s actually in such moments that some people get the largest returns on their investments. If you’ve been thinking of investing your savings for a while (such as in stocks, for example), now may be the right time to go for it. Here’s our introduction to investing to get you started. Remember to do your research thoroughly before getting into investing, and be on the lookout for scammers who are taking advantage of people during this time.

2021 is projected to be a challenging year, but thankfully there are still opportunities out there for you. If you need some help coping with unemployment stress, read this article. Stay safe and good luck!

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