Can social media actually help you study better? 

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Let’s face it, social media plays a huge role in all our lives. It’s an extension of our personal and social lives. But when we think about social media, especially when it comes to studies, we think about it as being a distraction. But have you ever wondered if there was a way to use social media while you’re studying without it actually interfering with your studies? Yep, you definitely can do that - here’s how.


If you and your friends don’t live near each other or never have enough time to see each other after school to form a study group, why not form one on Whatsapp? You can use it to remind each other about upcoming assignments and exams, help each other better understand some of the complicated concepts you’ve learned in class and share study hacks with each other. Just remember to keep it a study group and not just a group where you share gifs and memes.


You can create a Facebook group and invite your own classmates as well as learners from other schools to join it. This group will allow you to compare notes and how far your school is on the syllabus (so that you can start preparing for all the work your own school is yet to introduce). Just like with WhatsApp, you can use the group to share study tips and hacks, discuss upcoming exams and maybe even share notes and textbooks.


Twitter is great because of how easy and instant it is to reach someone who has an answer. You can follow educational accounts and use subject-based hashtags like #MathLit to create conversations, ask questions or find additional information on any subject.


We all go on Tumblr from time to time to save pictures with quotes that we can relate to, right? Social media networks like Tumblr also encourage blogging - which is a great way to improve writing skills. You can share your stories or your opinion on certain school subjects here to get others’ perspectives and meet like-minded people.


YouTube is one of the biggest streaming social media networks. You can subscribe to educational channels and find a lot of content that will help you understand your syllabus better.

What’s nice about YouTube is that your teachers can also be involved by recording important lessons and uploading them on the channel. That way, you can go through a lesson as many times as you want when you are at home and you don’t have to panic about a concept you didn’t get in class.


If you are fortunate enough for your parents to afford a tutor for you, Skype and FaceTime will be convenient because you don’t have to meet up with your tutor on weekends only. Instead, you can schedule lessons any day of the week. These video calling apps can also help you catch up with your classmates and get up to speed with everything that happened in class if you missed lessons because you were absent from school. Also, a video call is quicker than texting so it will not require a lot of your homework time.

You already know that social media can be a distraction from your schoolwork, but why not turn that on its head and actually get social media to work for you? So instead of using it to take a long (you know you never spend only 5mins on it) break on social media, try using it as a tool to study instead. By doing this you satisfy your craving to be online while actually using that time to learn and complete your homework/assignment. We know, it’s kind of genius!

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