Being a prefect and still staying on top of all your assignments, projects and exams can feel quite overwhelming, even impossible at times. Here are a few ways you can balance the prefect duties you’ve committed to with the rest of your academic responsibilities.

Stay organised

Staying organised is the best way for you to manage your time, and avoid feeling overwhelmed or forgetting important tasks you need to complete.

Things such as a small diary you can carry around in your blazer pocket will help you stay on top of your prefect meetings, weekly duties and any other activities you’ve committed to, so you can organise the rest of your time for studying (and relaxation) accordingly.

If you prefer a more digital way to stay on top of things, why not use your phone’s calendar, notes or other organisational apps to map out what you need to do? Chances are, your phone has at least one application that can easily help you plan your week or month ahead, and notify you of important events so you don’t forget about them.

Be kind to yourself

Being a prefect can sometimes be stressful, and the feelings of frustration with your duties can reach peak levels when your studies start getting more and more demanding. That’s why it’s so important to make time for relaxation and self-care, no matter how busy things get. Daily activities such as exercising, meditation and yoga are great ways to keep stress at bay. For more relaxation tips and techniques, give this article a read.

Use your resources

Being a prefect comes with responsibilities, but it also comes with privileges that other students may not have. Have you looked into what resources you can use as a prefect that can help you stay on top of things? Whether it’s a quiet coffee spot for prefects that you can study or relax in, or a closer connection to a teacher or staff member who can help you out if you’re feeling stuck, there are quite a few resources available to you. Don’t feel bad about using these resources - after all, you’ve worked hard to earn these things.

It is possible to fulfil all of your prefect duties and still stay on top of your academics too. Remember that you can always reach out to us for a free, private chat about any school or prefect struggles you have on Ask CellCgirl, and if you’re looking for some useful study and life advice, you can check out some of our articles.

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