Social media has become more than just a way to connect us with old friends and loved ones - it’s such an important part of our lives. However, it can also be toxic, especially if you put your personal life out there a little bit too much. How do you know if you’re oversharing? Here are a few signs.

Updating without thinking

If you’re always ready to share every aspect of your life with strangers online without thinking twice about potential consequences, then you may be oversharing. Not every thought needs to be posted online, some things are better kept to yourself or just shared with close friends.

You’re sharing details about work

While there’s nothing wrong with talking about your job here and there, it’s not a good idea to share details about your work, clients and colleagues. This can definitely get you in trouble at work and possibly affect your chances of getting other employment in the future.

Updating about intimate details

Talking about the details of your love life, friends’ lives and your family can be a bit too much. If something isn’t about your life or if you haven’t received explicit permission from someone to share something about them, then you’re definitely oversharing.

Venting too much

When you’re feeling emotional or upset about something, it’s not really a good idea to blast it all over social media. While this might be your go-to place to vent, maybe consider calling or texting a friend instead.

We’re so used to being on social media and using it as an outlet, that we may forget to set some boundaries for ourselves to prevent oversharing. Bearing these things in mind can help you do an audit of your profiles and be a bit more careful when it comes to what you share on your socials.

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