Always getting into trouble at school? Here’s some advice

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Getting into trouble at school can be really stressful and it can impact your ability to enjoy and even do well in your studies. If you’re sick of finding yourself sitting in detentions and disciplinary hearings, here are a few things you can do to get out of that situation.

Get to the root of it

Before you can change your circumstances, think about how you got to them. Look at your past without judgement or regret. Think about when you first started getting into trouble at school. Do you only get into trouble at school, or outside of it as well? Did you start getting into these situations on your own, or with your friends? Determining these things will give you clarity, and it will help you understand the root of what’s getting you into trouble.

Get to know yourself

Understanding who you are and how others see you is the next step in improving your reputation and getting on with your life without trouble. Do you think you’re a troublemaker, or a good student who’s being treated unfairly?

How you view yourself inspires the way you act and the situations you find yourself in. Don’t be so quick to accept other people’s definitions of you in school, and even if you’ve developed a bad reputation, remember that you can always turn that around.

Also, get to know your personality and how this could be getting you into trouble. If you have a short temper, negative outlooks on school or you’re just repeating behaviour that’s normal at home, these things can lead to you breaking the rules without even realising it.

Confide in someone

Getting into trouble often can make you feel isolated and misunderstood, so combat these feelings by reaching out. Whether it’s a parent, teacher, counsellor or close friend you can trust, speaking to someone about the difficulties you’re facing at school will help you get a different perspective on your situation, and remind yourself that you’re not a bad person and you’re not alone.

Make some choices

School rules aren’t always fair, and some of them may even seem unnecessarily restrictive. While there’s nothing wrong with questioning these things, it’s also important for you to put your education and success first. Trying to fight strict rules may make sense in the moment, but butting heads with your teachers and prefects constantly will probably be a lot more trouble than it’s worth. Make a list of what all the disciplinary actions are costing you (such as time, reputation, applying for university etc.), and weigh your options.

Getting into trouble at school doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person, and it shouldn’t define your entire educational path. You’ve got the power to make a change and have an easier time in school by prioritising your education and success. At the end of the day, that’s what will improve your life for the better.

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