One thing about us: we love to empower young women and help them improve their lives. But empowerment means different things to different people, which is why we took this conversation to our socials to find out what empowerment truly means to our #CellCgirlSquad.

Defining empowerment

We aim to give young women a platform to better themselves, which will help bridge the inequality gap in education and work. But more than that, it’s important for young women to understand that they have the power to do and become anything.

We wanted to hear from our #CellCgirlSquad and find out how they define empowerment- this is what they had to say:

To stay determined and committed to something until you get it”- @lina_ndlovu

Being taught to do better for yourself and your community”- @lesego_writes

Being encouraged to chase my dreams in life in spite of my circumstances”- @zandilemaumelaforever

Being inspired”- @slee_sn

Confidence, no fear”- @palesa.mokgesi

It’s great to see the different ways our CellCgirls define empowerment. Empowerment is all about becoming a better version of yourself, and having the tools and opportunities to do so.

Defining power

We can’t put enough emphasis on how much power we know our #CellCgirlSquad has, not just in their personal lives but also in the studying and work they do. The power that lies within you isn’t only beneficial to your own growth, but to the growth of those around you. Here’s how they define “power”, and how they use it too!

@zandilemaumelaforever said that to her, power means the capacity to act or have control. This is true. Having a level of control, whether it’s self-control in different situations or taking responsibility for your choices, is definitely symbolic of being powerful.

@slee_sn defined it more as being able to be yourself, taking a stand and showing leadership. Some of the greatest leaders we know believed in themselves enough to take a stand and exercise some form of leadership, so @slee_sn is definitely right about this one.

Having power isn’t always about being in a position of leadership or using your authority to get others to do what you want. Sometimes, it’s about the human qualities that make you a kinder person. We love what @palesa.mokgesi said- that influence is power, but that there’s also power in having self-control and empathy.

Our definitions of power and being empowered might differ, but one thing we can all agree on is that it’s so important to empower ourselves and those around us. We hope you invest time in doing things that empower you, to try your best and to ignore the pressures of feeling like you have to fit stereotypes and societal standards. Now that you’re part of the #CellCgirlSquad, there’s nothing you can’t do!

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